Project Overview

During the GRΕlect project, HZB (Germany) and AUTh (Greece) will investigate the implementation of Graphene mono- and multi-layers at the hybrid interface between inorganic electrodes and organic layers in small molecules and polymer based OE devices, such as Organic Solar Cells (OSC) and Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs).


  • Development of electrodes with buffer layers based on Graphene that will be applied as partial or complete substitute for conventional transparent electrodes such as Indium Tin Oxide.
  • Optimization of the Graphene -based electrodes functionality by p- and n- doping in order to form a charge selective transparent contact. The kind of chemical conditioning and Graphene doping will be based on the application of the Graphene electrode as cathode or anode depending on the specific device architecture (inverted or not).
  • Investigation of the optical, structural, electrical, properties of the Graphene-based electrodes and its effect on the growth of the adjacent organic layer by state-of-the-art analytical techniques
  • Fabrication of different OE devices with Graphene-based electrodes, such as OSC and OTFTs.


  • Expanded Scientific Horizons: a general approach and methodology for the development, function and coordination of the physical properties of Graphene at OSC.
  • Academic Horizons: New knowledge to be gained within the GRelect will provide the training material for pre-and post-graduate courses.

Bilateral R&D Cooperation between Greece and Germany - SINERGASIES Project 2013-2015

Graphene Electronics (GRElect) Project No 89829


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